Remembrance Day

by David Nyro



"Remembrance Day" was inspired by family members' brush with death. Two of my nieces were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon mere moments before the 2013 bombings. When the bombs exploded, they had walked a few blocks away. Shaken, but safe. That experience, plus the combined tragedies of Sandy Hook - only a few miles from where I grew up - Virginia Tech, Columbine, Aurora and so many others, coalesced into "Remembrance Day." If you haven't seen it already, there's a music video of this song on You Tube. Our hope is it'll provide an artistic piece that people can use for inspiration, solace, awareness, motivation and awareness. We're also hoping to use it to raise money for causes addressing some of the root causes of these terrible tragedies.

PLEASE download the song to invest in the following causes. 100% of the proceeds will be divided evenly between them. THANK YOU:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) -
LawCentertoPreventGunViolence -
COVA (Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance)
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence -
the One Fund -
Everytown for Gun Safety -


Remembrance Day
© April 16, 2013 David Nyro
Intro and Verse 1:
You wake up It's a gray day
Make breakfast It's a gray day
Drink a cup It's a gray day
Long ago, but never far away

You go to work It's another day
Someone jokes You smile and turn away It’s a gray day
Drink a cup There's nothing to say
Looking up It's still a gray day

Chorus:It's Remembrance Day
Light the candle
Wear the ribbon Place the bouquet where they lay
It was just another day Now it will always be
Remembrance Day.
Verse 2:
You go home, what a day! Fix supper in the fading gray
Raise a glass to those who passed away Long ago, but like yesterday.
The black overcomes the gray day You watch the news but you have to turn away
You go to bed, tomorrow’s another day, come what may, come what may, come what may, come what may
It’s remembrance day


August 1st (another day) July 27th, (another day) October 16th, (another day)

The 11th of September and January 8th (another day), July 20, and December 14, (another day and another day)

April 15th, April 16th, April 19th and April 20th, not another day and another day and another day, oh - oh

Pretty soon every day, will be a gray day . . . Like it is in Chicago, and Philadelphia, and L.A.

Every day, every day, every day, a Remembrance Day a Remembrance Day Listen to what the people say

It’s remembrance day . . . (instrumental)
Light the candle Wear the ribbon Place the bouquet where they lay
It was just another day
Now it will always be
Remembrance Day.


released April 17, 2014
Voice, piano & arrangement: David Nyro
Production/engineer: Michael Connolly
Recording Studio: Empty Sea Studios
Recording Date: February, 2014



all rights reserved


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